When the time comes to cover your pool from a place like Nassau Pools Construction Inc for the winter, doing so with a cover you can count on providing the most protection is important. You might also think about the design of your pool cover, especially if your pool is the middle of your backyard garden.  Bear in mind safety is another aspect to consider when choosing pool covers as well.

Remember The Children

Pools covers need to be sturdy enough to keep children out of the pool. Many covers are made of lightweight materials that could work, but many would allow a child to fall through. Rolling, hard covers are the best choice for pools in families with small children. Even if your pool is curvy and odd shaped, you can have a rolling cover installed. Several unique styles are available for adding a nice decorative effect with rolling action included. Some non-rolling covers are manufactured with stronger webbing to prevent children from falling through them. Always take the time to closely inspect covers if you have children.

Solid Covers Are An Excellent Choice

Not only will a solid cover support a great deal of weight on top it, it can also help to prevent water evaporation as well.  Many solid covers are made of strong vinyl or nylon material that can be locked down by using an anchoring system specially designed for it. Many colors and designs are available in solid covers, making your choices for adding an appealing look easier.

Preventing More Than Just Accidental Drowning

Your pool cover is in place to prevent more than just someone falling in and drowning. During the winter, all the leaves and other debris blown around by the wind can end up in your pool. Debris can cause expensive damage to pool filters and pumps. Saving money and aggravation of cleaning a dirty pool are other reasons you should always cover your pool during the winter.

Color Choices Can Matter To Your Landscape Theme

Pool covers come in a variety of colors. However, the most common choices are white, blue and green. If you have custom cover made, you may have many other color choices. Choosing the color that fits best with your landscape is the best way to avoid your pool cover standing out like a sore thumb, but blending in like a part of scenery.

Caring For Your Pool Cover In Winter Is Also Important

Removing snow, ice and fallen debris like tree branches from your pool cover will allow it to last longer. Taking the time to clean off a cover as it catches debris is necessary to prevent holes and tears. A high quality pool cover can last several seasons when properly taken of.