Most gardeners and landscaping enthusiasts find the long, cold winter months to be disappointing and frustrating. After all, all of those beautiful plants you painstakingly selected, planted, and nurtured in the spring and summer months are either dormant or have died due to the cold temperatures. However, in spite of this natural phenomenon that occurs with the change of the seasons, you can still enjoy beautiful and creative landscaping design in the winter months. All you need to do is learn the various winter landscaping options and techniques from companies like All Season Landscaping, and select the options that will make your home's landscaping beautiful and inviting throughout the winter months.

Use Plants That Bloom In Winter

In spite of what you may think, there are actually some plants that bloom and/or thrive in the winter months. Evergreen and pine trees, of course, maintain their color and vibrancy throughout the year and can be a welcome and lovely addition to your landscaping in the winter.

Just picture green evergreen trees, dusted in brilliant white snow, lining a walkway in your backyard. It would look like your own magical forest that only you and your family get to enjoy. Add to that some soft white, decorative lights strung among the tree branches, and your winter fantasy is complete.

If you are looking for less traditional winter-blooming vegetation for your landscape design, consider plants such as the the lenten rose that begins blossoming in January. You could also invest in coniferous plants that change colors during the winter months. While green in the summer, these varieties can turn purplish, red, or even gold in the cold winter months, adding color and variety to your home's landscaping.

Use Lighting To Set The Mood

During the winter, daylight is a precious commodity in short supply. Because the days are shorter, you will need additional lighting to truly enjoy the full beauty of your winter wonderland. The aforementioned strands of light in the trees will have a pleasing effect, providing soft and inoffensive lighting to your winter landscaping.

However, once the holiday season is over, your friends and neighbors may find the continued use of such lighting to be inappropriate and eccentric. As such, you may wish to invest in individual lights or lanterns to line walkways in your yard. These lights, whether solar-powered or linked into your electrical grid will not only light up the long dark nights, but provide a pleasant and inviting ambiance in your landscape design.

Encourage Birds And Other Wildlife

No winter wonderland is complete without a few furry or feathered friends frolicking around in the landscaping. Squirrels, rabbits, and various birds are still active during the winter months. To encourage their presence in your landscaping design, you will need to provide them with suitable food and water sources during the winter months.

By landscaping with plant life that thrives in the winter, you will provide your wildlife friends with the food and shelter they will need. Placing bird baths in your yard that you replenish with water frequently will keep the wildlife in your yard and healthy all winter long, providing you with a lovely picturesque winter landscape.

By incorporating any of these ideas into your winter landscape design, you can turn winter from a depressing, lifeless season into one of rich depth and vibrancy. All you need to do is get creative and give these options a try.