If you own metal window screens, you may find that they become damaged over time from accidents, weather or just normal wear and tear. When this happens, the metal screens can become eyesores, whether on the exterior of a door or window. Also, tears and cuts to the screen allow pests like insects inside your home. When you choose to replace a damaged screen, you immediately improve not only the screen's function, but also the overall look of your house. A metal screen is easy to replace in an existing frame. However, if your frame is damaged, you can purchase a new frame.

What You Will Need

Metal screen

Measuring tape

Screen frame

Screen roller


Roll-in spline

Utility shears

Step 1. Go to the outside of your window and extract the current metal frame. A spring mechanism holds a screen in position using tension. By releasing this tension, it's fairly easy to remove a screen. You simply need to press down on the screen's spring mechanism to release the screen from the frame. You can usually find this mechanism either on the sides of the screen or on the bottom or top.

Step 2. Use either utility shears or pliers to pull out the current screen from its frame. Cut the screen when necessary to make it easier.

Step 3. Use your measuring tape to measure the frame. Whatever the measurements are, you should add 2 inches on each side. Use the utility shears to cut out your new screen material, including the additional 2 inches.

Step 4. Lay out your screen frame on a flat, large surface, making sure the side of the screen with the channel is facing up. Place the screen down onto the frame, ensuring that you are distributing evenly the screen overlap.

Step 5. Use your screen roller to insert the new screen into the channel on your frame. Start at the top of the screen, moving on to the bottom of the sides. It's important that the screen is kept taut as you work each edge into the channel.

Step 6. Begin at the screen's top corner and work down, using your screen roller to insert the spline into the channel, which will secure your screen. Spline is usually made of vinyl or rubber. It is manufactured in different sizes and is available in most hardware stores on spools.

Step 7. Once it's rolled into the channels, you can trim (when necessary) the spline and any excess bits of screen with your utility shears.

Step 8. Install your new screen into your window frame. Press down on the spring mechanism, put the screen in, and release the spring mechanism. This will secure the screen inside the frame.  

If you need more help with this or other window repairs, you should contact a local window installation company.