A home's bathroom is likely one of the most used areas of the home, and this is particularly true for those with large families. As a result, it is not unusual for these rooms to need to be remodeled more frequently than other areas of the home. Sadly, this is a task that many new homeowners do not fully understand, and this can lead them to believe these misleading remodeling myths. In particular, there are two of these notions that you may have heard or believe. 

Myth: A Small Bathroom Can Be Remodeled Without Professional Help

It is no secret that any type of remodeling project can be an expensive investment in your home. Sadly, some people underestimate the complexity of these projects, and this can lead them to attempt to save money by doing the work without a professional's help. In particular, some people are prone to attempting this when they are remodeling a small bathroom. However, whether the project is large or small, working with a professional can help reduce the chances that problems arise as a result of improperly completed work. . 

Remodeling work not done correctly can lead to major damage to the room. For example, an improperly fitted pipe can cause major water damage before you realize there is a problem. Also, if you do not place the shower tiles exactly right, you can leave small gaps that will increase the risk of the room sustaining water damage. 

Myth: Your Bathroom Will Be Usable For Most Of The Remodeling 

One of the most inconvenient parts of a bathroom remodeling project is the fact that you and your family will be unable to use the bathroom for some period of time. Unfortunately, many homeowners make the mistake of underestimating the amount of time that they will be unable to use this room. 

This is particularly true for those that will need major adjustments to the plumbing that powers the various fixtures in this part of the house. It can take several days to a week or more for this work to be done, and during this time, you will need to make arrangements for this time period. Luckily, your contractor will be able to provide you with the dates that the bathroom will be unusable, and this can help with your planning. 

Remodeling a bathroom is always a major task to undertake, but it can result in improved comfort and higher property values. Unfortunately, some new homeowners do not completely realize what all is entailed in this type of improvement project. By learning the importance of having professional help and that you may not be able to use this room for an extended period of time, you will be better able to ensure that this project goes smoothly and avoids some common problems. 

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