If you are considering getting windows installed, shopping for different kinds of windows, or evaluating options for home renovations, take a look at these types of windows to understand what's available in today's market.

Here are some of the basic choices that window shoppers make when they're designing a new look and new functionality for their home. Remember, the choices customers make in the beginning can have a big effect on the final results of the project.

Window Materials Choices

One of the basic choices customers have to make is whether to use wood, vinyl, aluminum or other materials for window frames. This makes a big difference in how windows will stand up to the elements and maintain durability over time. Wood can look good at the beginning, but over the years, it can rot or chip away. Vinyl is less high-maintenance, but to some customers, it can seem cheap or less durable. Metal frames are another option.

Window Pane Design

Windows customers can get single pane windows or split pane designs. One common choice is a four-pane model that splits the space into four even rectangles.

Another option is to get double-hung windows that have two separate panes that can slide up and down. This allows for easy opening and closing, but may require more hardware and other additional costs.

Customers should look at how each of these windows can be maintained seasonally, and consider storm windows and other options for insulating the home.

Double Pane Windows

Another more modern choice is to go with double pane windows that have two sheets of glass with space in between. These state-of-the-art window designs insulate the home better, and some of them even have inert gases in between the two panes for specific insulating results.

Double pane windows can be more expensive, but they can also cut down on heating costs, and many high-end homes have these kinds of windows installed.

Along with making basic choices about window design, window customers also have to look at how each of these models will be installed in the home. This may require looking at how to work with existing framing as it encounters the veneer of a brick, wood or stone house, and other extras like weather protective stripping.

Talk with a window installation company, like B And D Construction,  and take a look at all of these windows models to figure out what to install in your home or residential property.