There are so many cool things that you can do with tile in the home, from unique mosaic tile designs on the floor to high-end stone tile counter-tops in the kitchen. With the following tips and strategies, it can be easy to keep your tile looking fresh and new, while not creating hours of laborious work for you. Consider these tile cleaning suggestions.

Ceramic tile

Ceramic tile is a popular choice for floors and the best way to clean them is with a mild detergent and a dishrag. Mopping ceramic with a sponge can push dirt down, into the grout, which can stain. When ceramic tiles become dull, try wiping them down with some lemon juice to give the surface a refreshed appearance.

Stone surfaces

Stone can stain and is more sensitive toward acidic solutions, so never clean your stone tiles with lemon juice or vinegar. Also, it is important to quickly clean up any spills, as stone surfaces are porous and will absorb the liquid and stain over time. Regular cleaning of stone surfaces involves frequent wiping, dusting, and sweeping, to keep them free from potential stains.

Glass tile

The beauty of glass tile is that it is so easy to keep clean; simply wash surfaces with a mild, non-abrasive cleaner and rinse for a sparkling shine. Even stubborn soap scum and residue can be removed from the glass with a mixture of vinegar and water.


It doesn't really matter how clean your tiles are, when the grout is grubby, it all looks bad. The problem with grout is that it can stain and mildew easily, so it makes sense to tint the grout to hide discoloration. It also helps to install tiles closer together, limited the amount of exposed grout for easier cleaning. Other tips for keeping your grout looking good include the following:

  • Promptly clean up after spills. Grout is a porous material and will stain quickly if you aren't quick enough.
  • Use a mixture of baking soda and water to apply to the grout between tiles. Leave this overnight to allow it to brighten your grout.
  • Consider applying a sealant to your grout to reduce stains and discoloration.

Tiled surfaces bring a charm and allure to a kitchen, bathroom, and other spaces around the home. Whether installing ceramic tile counters or a stone tile floor, there are some ways to keep the tile looking its best without spending hours scrubbing it. For more tips and suggestions, contact local services such as All American Stone & Tile Care Inc.