Bathrooms are one of the most high traffic areas in most homes. They are in use daily, often by more than one member of a household. With the constant use, things like shower clogs and sink clogs are very common. These clogs can usually be dealt with by the homeowner, but on occasion the services of a plumber are needed. Clogs can be caused by a variety of materials, but often the main culprit is hair. However, with a few changes to grooming habits, many of these clogs can be prevented. 

The Hair Issue

Over the course of the day, most people lose up to 100 individual strands of hair. Many of the strands are lost during styling. The problem is that many people style their hair over their bathroom sink. Over time, strands collect and end up washing down the drain, eventually leading to a clog. One way to combat this is to simply style hair somewhere else.

This small change in hair styling can really help prevent clogs in bathroom sinks. Hair can also be a major problem in the shower or bathtub. A hair catcher can be installed to help deal with hair in the shower.


Cosmetics are another culprit for clogged bathroom sinks and shower drains that may not be obvious to many people. Many people remove their makeup by washing their faces either in the shower or over the sink. The problem is that many cosmetics have oil based ingredients, which can lead to clogs. This is especially true when they mix with other substances, such as soap and hair. One way to help prevent these types of clogs is by using make up removing cloths to get off as much makeup as possible before washing the face. Using a makeup removing product will prevent a lot of that makeup from washing down the drain.


With hair styling and cosmetics being big factors in bathroom clogs it easy to think that this is a problem that primarily affects women. However, men also contribute just as much to bathroom sink and shower clogs. Shaving over the bathroom sink is a big factor in creating sink clogs. Shaving creme can accumulate in the sink, combine with other materials, and cause buildup. One way to help prevent this is by shaving with a bowl. Using a bowl to catch used shaving creme can help prevent the hair from clogging the drain.

Clogged drains in the bathroom are very common and clearing them is a part of regular bathroom maintenance. However, with a few changes to grooming habits, many of these clogs can be prevented. If you need help clearing your sinks, call Ziegler Plumbing & Sewer, INC.