If you live in an area that regularly experiences hurricanes and other extreme weather conditions, impact windows are a smart choice for your home. Not only do they withstand high winds, but they are shatter-resistant, so that flying debris doesn't break them and cause you to have water and debris in your home. However, in order for these windows to work, you need to keep them in good condition and keep them secure. Use the following tips to help you keep your impact windows ready for extreme weather.

Don't Scrape While Cleaning

Every now and then, there may be bird droppings or other things you want to clean off of your impact windows. However, it is important that you always use a soft cloth and non-abrasive cleaner when cleaning the windows. You might feel tempted to use a butter knife to scrape things off the windows, but don't. Scraping can in fact damage the coating on your windows, as well as the windows themselves, making them less effective when you really need them.

Instead, use a spray bottle filled with equal parts vinegar and water to spray stains. Wait a few minutes, and then use a sponge to softly rub the stain out. Vinegar is safe to use on impact windows, and is very effective at stain removal.

Monitor Window Frames

Typically, impact windows are heavier than other windows. They need to be properly framed. Frames can be wood, vinyl or aluminum, and you have to monitor them regularly to ensure they are providing adequate support to the windows. If they don't, should a weather event occur, you may still have water infiltration and other problems.

Regularly check the frames for any signs of excessive wear or damage. For instance, if you have wood frames, make sure you are watching for signs of rotting or water damage. If you notice problems with the frames, consider repairs or think about replacing the entire frame so you have a strong enough support system for your windows.

It is also important to make sure that, when you clean your windows, your window frames are completely dry. Water can adversely affect the frames, which can make the impact windows less secure inside them.

Use the tips in this article to help you keep your impact windows ready for any extreme weather event. Talk to your window contractor, like Storm Shield LLC, about specific ways you can further protect your windows from harm, so that they can keep your home safe when necessary.