If you decide that you need more room in your home, but don't want to move to a new one, then adding onto your home is the best solution. This will give you the extra room that you need, and if you hire the correct help, then the add-ons will be completed properly. This article will discuss 3 specific people that you should consider hiring when adding onto your home. 

A General Contractor

The main person that you are going to need to hire when you decide that you want an add-on, is a general contractor. This contractor is going to draw up the main blueprint for the floor plan of your add-on, and they and their crew will also be the ones who do most of the labor. They will create the additional foundation on your home, and will create the frame for the add-on. They will then proceed to fill in and complete this add-on, until it matches the rest of your home. You will be able to work hand in hand with your general contractor and his crew if you would like, so you can make sure that things are progressing like you would like them to. 

An Electrical Contractor

As your general contractor is building and framing your new add-on, you will need to hire an electrical contractor to come in and do all of the electrical work. Your certified electrical contractor will safely thread all of the correct wiring throughout this new area, and will place the light switches and lighting exactly where you have requested. Before this area is completely closed in with insulation and wall materials, you will need to have it inspected to make sure that all of the electrical work is up-to-code. If you hired an electrical contractor from places like Dunedin Electric, then all of the wiring will likely be done incredibly well, and your general contractor can move forward with completing the add-on. 

An Interior Designer

Once the add-on is completed, you then have the option of hiring an interior designer to help you to design and fill this new space so that it is both beautiful and functional. They will help you to pick out a good color of paint for the walls, and they will also help you to choose window coverings, rugs, furniture, wall art, and anything that may help you to enhance the room. They will come with you when you shop for items for this room, and they will help you to understand how to best put the pieces in a room together to create a beautiful finished look.