There are few things better than having a swimming pool on your property during the summer. Whether you're hosting a big weekend barbecue party or just taking a quick dip to start your day, there are tons of advantages to having a pool. But pool owners also know that enjoying these advantages comes with a significant amount of upkeep attached. Take a look below at the four most essential swimming pool services for keeping your backyard oasis in pristine condition.


Chlorine is the chemical most people associate with swimming pools, and for good reason. Chlorine helps to disinfect water and discourage the growth of any algae. However, chlorine can only do so much. The temperature of the water, the amount of sunlight it receives, and its acidic properties all contribute to the likelihood of algae growth. Algaecide is a chemical treatment that controls for these factors and leaves your water completely algae-free.

Filtration System Inspection

Your pool's filtration system is probably more complex than you think. From skimmer drains and vacuum ports, to a multitude of pumps and motors, there's a lot to inspect. Professional pool cleaning companies can take a look at all these parts, decide what needs fixing, make recommendations as to upkeep and, if necessary, provide you with the required replacement parts. These inspections may include basic cleanings of skimmer baskets and a thorough backwash of the entire filtration system.

Pool Cover Maintenance

Pool covers are invaluable. Not only do they keep debris out during the off-season, but they can even save the lives of animals and children by providing a solid barrier between the poolside and the water itself. Come summer though, the pool cover needs to be removed and stored, something that's often easier said than done. If you own a commercial property with a large pool, consider saving time and more than a few headaches by hiring a pool servicing company to remove and store the pool's cover each year.

Periodic Cleaning

Seasonal services are important, but for the everyday look and quality of the water and the pool itself, it's important to contract regular servicing. This includes surface skimming, waterline tile cleaning, and filling the pool so that the level of the water doesn't continue to decrease. Most commercial pools will need this kind of periodic servicing at least once or twice a week, while residential pools usually need cleanings only once or twice a month.