If you are looking to save money after your hot water heater dies, you can try to install a new one yourself. The process can be relatively simple if you know what to connect and how to test the hot water heater. Since all hot water heaters are slightly different, when in doubt, consult the owner's manual.

Preparing the Hot Water Heater

Before you begin the installation, turn off the water and gas supply. You must empty the water tank by attaching a garden hose to the drain valve. To allow the water to leave the tank, turn on the hot water faucets to let air into the system.

Connecting the Water Line

Disconnect the old water line by unscrewing the vent pipe. Then, cut the hot and cold water lines and screw the relieve valve into the tank with a pipe wrench. Use solder to attach the new copper adapters that allow for the water lines to deliver water to the hot water heater. Also, connect the old water tubing to the new hot water heater using solder.

Connecting the Flue

If your hot water heater is the gas variety, you will need to attach an exhaust flue. Different flues have different instructions for how to attach them, so look up the manufacturer's instructions. Connect the gas line by coating the threaded ends of the pipe with joint compounds and using two wrenches to screw the ends of the pipes together.

Filling the Tank Up

After everything has been connected to the hot water heater, you will need to fill it with cold water before turning it on. Fill up the water heater tank. Then, test the tank to make sure it's full by turning on the hot water. The water will be cold, but this will indicate that the tank is filled all the way up.

Turning the Heater On

The hot water heater has a knob that has an "on" position. The burner should then ignite. If it does not, you will need to reignite the pilot light. Then, set the control to the desired temperature. You may need to adjust the thermostat. Remove the access plate and screw the thermostat until it has been adjusted to the appropriate temperature settings. Then, put the access plate back in place.

If your hot water heater installation process does not go as planned, you can always hire someone to inspect your installation to determine which step you missed or what went wrong. Click here for more information about hot water heaters.