Are you thinking about remodeling your home? Are you struggling to keep your project within budget while still giving your home a much-needed makeover? Aside from large appliances, cabinets may be the one of the biggest purchases when doing a home renovation. Fortunately, cabinet refacing is a good way to help keep your project within budget, without sacrificing appearance. Here are some things you should know about cabinet refacing:

Cabinet refacing isn't simply a new stain: When looking into cabinet refacing, you may get the impression that all they will do is stain your original cabinets to a different color. While a new color will be added, it's not a stain. Instead, your cabinets will be cleaned and sanded so that a veneer or laminate material can be applied. If you want a completely new look for kitchen or bathroom, your cabinet doors will be removed and replaced with new ones. In addition, any cabinets that are shaky, unstable or seemingly falling apart will be repaired so that they are in like-new condition.

The process is relatively quick: If you've ever ordered custom cabinetry before, you probably had to wait weeks for your order to be finished and to arrive at your home. In contrast, cabinet refacing may be completed in just a few days. This allows your whole kitchen or bathroom remodeling process to be much quicker and to run much more smoothly, since you aren't left waiting for new cabinets to arrive.

Your cabinets may never leave your home: If you're worried about potential gaping holes left in your kitchen or bathroom because of cabinets that have been removed, don't be. Many cabinet refacing projects can be completed in your home and with relatively little interruption to your usual routine. This way, you won't have to worry about where to store all your canned goods and cleaning products while your kitchen is being remodeled. 

You can still add or remove cabinets: If you feel that a certain cabinet is in the way or if you feel you need more storage space in another area, many cabinet refacing companies are glad to help. They can rebuild, remove or add cabinets as needed, so that you are able to get the perfect kitchen or bathroom for your needs. Because they are doing the custom cabinet work in your kitchen or bathroom, they will still have the job completed more quickly than special ordering cabinets from a factory.

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