If you are like most people, you do everything that you can to save on your energy bill. If you are not careful you can get a major spike in your energy bill during the hottest months of the year. Many people have misconceptions about how to conserve energy when it comes to air conditioning. Here are some things you need to know to save money on air conditioning.

1. Keeping The Fan On Doesn't Cool The Room, But It Does Circulate The Air.

Using a ceiling fan should be your number 1 thing in the summer. Ceiling fans are incredibly inexpensive to run, which is why it is recommended that you keep that ceiling fan on while people are in the house.

However, what most people don't realize is that the fan won't actually cool down the house. Instead, the fan just moves the air in the room so that it is blowing on the people in the room. This means that the people in the house will feel cooler, even though the temperature isn't lower.

Thus, that you should turn the fan off when nobody is home. Even though it is very cheap to power, that doesn't mean it is free. If you keep the fan blowing while you are gone, you will have a house that is the same temperature, but an energy bill that is higher.

2. Turning Down The AC Down While You Are Gone Does Not Cost More Money.

One thing that people are very confused about is if you should turn adjust the AC while you are gone? Some people worried that the amount of energy it takes to turn back on and blow air into the room would be more costly than just leaving it running all day. This is not the case. Instead, it is better if you can adjust your thermometer to be warmer during the hours that no one is home, and then power on just before people come home.

However, some professionals suggest that although you adjust your AC to be warmer while you are gone, you shouldn't turn it completely off. This will make the AC have to work extra hard when you do turn it back on to cool the whole house. So you still want to have AC circulating throughout the house, but you just don't need it to be on as high.

By understanding these two myths you can save money on your energy bill. 

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