Whether you've been commissioned to design a rustic bathroom for a client, or you are redesigning your own bathroom and you want to infuse it with some rustic charm, you're probably trying to think of some clever touches to incorporate into the space.

With a little creativity, you can make your bathroom warm, welcoming and functional. Need some inspiration? Here are some ideas that might catch your fancy.

Clever Medicine Cabinet

A medicine cabinet is a key component in a bathroom. Instead of purchasing a pre-fabricated medicine cabinet, put your creativity to use; transform a vintage valise into a medicine cabinet.

How can you turn a valise into a medicine cabinet? It's actually pretty simple. All you need are some screws, a drill and a few pieces of wood. Screw the vintage suitcase onto the wall so that it is positioned on its side; the top should open outward and will serve as the door. Cut two or three pieces of wood that will fit horizontally across the inside of the portion of the suitcase that is attached to the wall. Use screws to secure the wood into place and voila! – you have shelves and a totally unique, rustic and functional medicine cabinet.

A Dresser-Turned-Vanity

Nix the store bought vanity and instead use an old dresser to create a cool, rustic vanity. A dresser will create a fantastic vanity because it has plenty of drawers for storage – and storage is crucial in a bathroom.

Give the dresser a rustic look by covering it with crackle paint, or you can distress it by banging it with a hammer and use sandpaper to remove some of the finish. Cut a hole that will fit a drop-in sink in the top of the dresser and, well, drop the sink into it. Hook up your plumbing and you'll have a totally eye-catching vanity with tons of storage.

Barn Door

Barns scream rustic, and a barn door will definitely add character, interest and rustic appeal to your bathroom. Not only will a barn door look super cool, but it will also allow you to maximize space if you install it so that it slides open and closed. Use wrought iron hardware and you will amp up the rustic factor even more.

A Storage Ladder

A ladder? As storage? Sure!

Find yourself a wood collapsible ladder and choose a spot to place it in your bathroom. Open it up so that it is positioned with the open center part of the ladder facing outward. Instead of climbing the ladder, place planks of wood across the rungs and use them as shelves. You can store towels, tissues, rolls of toilet paper and even storage bins on the shelves. Talk about an awesome storage solution!

So, there you have it. Some super clever, totally cool ideas for a warm and welcoming rustic bathroom. 

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