Your home's drains are critical for removing the wastewater that you and your family produce on a daily basis. Unfortunately, it is possible for your drains to become extremely dirty, and while this may not seem like a major problem, it can lead to major issues for your home. To minimize these problems, you should consider having the drain cleaned, but if you have never had this type of maintenance done, you might benefit from having a couple of common questions addressed.

What Are The Benefits Of A Professional Drain Cleaning?

When your drains are dirty, the flow of water can be extremely restricted. In addition to causing your drains to empty slowly, this can also lead to flooding when large amounts of water are sent down the drains, such as when the washing machine or dishwasher is in use. These are not the only issues that be caused. Dirty drains can also cause your home to have a problem with fruit flies. 

Fortunately, a drain cleaning will remove the grease and other materials that have accumulated on the sides of the pipes. This will restore the flow of water and eliminate the source of food that is attracting the fruit flies. If the drain cleaning does not correct your drain problems, you may need to have a plumber inspect the system for an obstruction in the sewer line. 

What Are Your Options For Cleaning Your Drains?

There are many products that are advertised as being drain cleaners. Usually, these are chemical-based cleaning agents that are acidic enough to dissolve the accumulations on the pipes. Unfortunately, these substances can also cause extreme damage to the pipes, which can lead to leaks and other problems. 

To clean your pipes while avoiding this threat, you should have a professional clean the drains using either a drain snake or water jetting. A drain snake is designed to scrape away materials on the interior of the pipes. However, these devices may not be able to remove all of the substances from the pipes. To more effectively clean the pipes, water jetting may be a better option. This approach uses pulsating streams of high-pressure water to wear away these accumulations. 

Drain problems can lead to major issues for your home, but many homeowners do not appreciate the benefits of cleaning their drains. For those that are unfamiliar with this type of maintenance, understanding the benefits of a professional drain cleaning and the way that this maintenance is done will help you to keep your drains safe from some of these common problems.

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