Looking for a modern bathroom design that will help increase the value of your home? Today's baths are no longer something to be tucked into a home as an afterthought, good only for their practicality. Instead, they are being designed to invite users to relax, refresh and rejuvenate. Here are 5 ways to create a modern and appealing bathroom you'll love. 

Wide Open Spaces

Start with a large, open floor plan with sufficient space to dress, soak in the tub or take long showers in comfort. Glass shower doors, a pale and simple color palette and large mirrors help add to the illusion of space and keep things light. Decorate with a light, minimal touch and embrace the visual power of empty spaces. 

Use Geometry

Geometric designs can be infused into a bathroom to give it a bold, clean look. You can use such features as floor tiles, wall tiles, sinks and vanities, tub enclosures and showers to highlight a geometric pattern as a recurring theme. In order to avoid overwhelming the space with a theme, though, break it up with a single circular mirror or window, or integrate a show-stopping, organic light fixture. 

Highlight a Bold Graphic

With a neutral base color palette for your bathroom, you can use contrast to draw attention to a single, striking patterned element. For example, paint three of the four walls a simple color like matte gray or a bold white, then adorn the fourth with a fun black-and-white full-size design. Or use back splash tiles to create a focal point for the vanity that catches the guest's eye. Colorful or graphic towels, shower curtains or even a creative patterned light fixture can give the bathroom something that really pops while keeping the overall room quiet and calming. 


Designing a bath using symmetrical features helps it look clean and modern. Symmetrical cabinets flanking a bathtub, for example, or symmetry with a double sink vanity makes your bath look orderly and sleek. Look for ways to incorporate symmetry in things, such as a series of artwork to a pair of evenly-spaced windows or matching storage cabinets on either side of the door. 

Let Nature Inspire

If you aren't excited by a modern, minimalist look, you could warm up the decor of the bathroom by inviting nature inside. One way to do this is by including an oversize window as a focal point of the bathroom, then decorating in soft green and tan hues and decorating with lush greenery. Meld some outdoor elements in the bath using new inventions like faux pebble back splashes or bamboo vanity covers to complete the natural feel. 

By thinking outside the box of traditional bathroom design and choosing fun contrasts, you can build a bath that is both beautiful and modern. For more help, contact a company like Two by Four Construction LLC.