There are many different things that can cause the plumbing to back up in your home. These problems are often due to issues in your home, such as a clogged drain pipe, but they can also be due to problems with the sewer lines. These lines can often be effected by tree roots that start to grow in them and create blockages. If you have tried everything, consider some of these ideas to deal with your tree root problems:

1. Jetting Sewer And Drain Lines To Remove Root Problems

When there are roots in your sewer lines, sometimes they may not damage the lines too much. The roots may just form balls inside the pipes that cause the blockage. This can sometimes be dealt with by jetting the lines, which is a process of using high pressure water to clean out the roots. This is fixes the clogs, so you will still need to do something to prevent roots from coming back.

2. Using A Drain Cleaning Process To Remove Roots From Lines

Sometimes, the problem with roots in your drains may only be a minor problem. This can be due to a small amount of roots getting in pipes and slowing drainage. This is something that you may want to try dealing with using a drain cleaning treatment or a plumbing snake to remove the clog. Cleaning the drains can also be done by a professional service if you cannot get to the area where the problem is.

3. Replacing And Repairing Sections Of Drain Lines Effected By Roots

When the plumbing lines have been damaged by roots, the solution is to replace the pipe. This can be costly, which is why you may not want to replace an entire line. If the drain cleaning service can pinpoint the problem, you may be able to just replace the damaged section of line, which can save you on repair costs.

4. Installing A New Sewer Line With Non-Invasive Directional Drilling

There are also times when you may need to have a sewer line completely replaced due to extensive damage cause by roots. The replacement of sewer lines is usually done with excavations that can do a lot of damage to landscaping. Today, if you need to have a sewer line replaced, directional drilling can be used as a non-invasive solution that will leave your landscaping intact.

Solutions like these can help you deal with a root problem with the sewer lines in your home. If you need help with these repairs and improvements, contact a drain cleaning service and talk with them about how they can help you with the roots of your plumbing problems. For more information, contact a company like Total Enviro Services Inc