Do you have ungrounded outlets in your home? Perhaps you do not know how to tell if you have this type of outlet in your home. One telltale sign will be the appearance of the outlets. Grounded sockets have two vertical slits and one circular opening under the vertical slits. You may have even referred to them as three-prong outlets. If you have outlets that only have two vertical slits, they are likely ungrounded outlets. Some ungrounded outlets have the three-prongs, and there are a number of serious electrical issues you could face by having them in your home. The following information will help you better understand the dangers.

Damaged Electronic and Appliances

Each time you plug an electronic or appliance into an ungrounded outlet you are running the risk of damaging the item. Perhaps you have discovered that you have a combination of ungrounded and grounded outlets in your home. You may feel as though you are safe as long as you do not use the ungrounded outlets. The combination of various types of outlets is indicative of you having a combination of wiring, which is sometimes referred to as piecemeal electrical work. Combined wiring approaches could be a sign of bad wiring, which means that you might be at risk for property damages regardless of which outlets you use in your home. 

Electrical Fires

Ungrounded sockets lack the grounding that is required to prevent or reduce dangerous issues such as sparks flying from outlets and electrical arcing. Both of these issues can result in electrical fires occurring. These types of outlets may also discharge electrical charges that may result in igniting nearby furniture or other items that are exposed to dangerous flames emitting from outlets.

Electrical Shock

Using appliances in ungrounded sockets could result in you or a family member getting an electrical shock. A shock situation could also occur as a result of simply plugging in an electrical item or appliance. There are varying degrees of damage that electrical shocks can cause, and in extreme cases, death may occur. 

An electrical services contractor is the best resource to use to determine which outlets in your home need to be upgraded. Their inspections are important because they can determine which outlets pose the greatest dangers. For example, some ungrounded sockets have the three-prong appearance and could be mistaken by property owners as being grounded sockets. Contractors, like those at Narducci Electric and similar locations, can also inform you of additional electrical issues you may face if you choose not to upgrade your ungrounded outlets.