Are you ready to start enjoying your inground swimming pool? If you have not used the pool in a long time, you might want to invest in getting it serviced by a professional before jumping in. Swimming in a pool that is in bad shape can put your safety at risk. Take a look at this article for some helpful information about getting an inground swimming pool serviced.

The Drain Covers Must Be Inspected

The drain covers are one of the most important areas of your swimming pool that should be inspected. A contractor can make sure they are not loose, as a serious injury can happen if they come off. For instance, the suctioning pressure beneath the drains can cause someone to get trapped beneath the water. Disembowelment can also occur, such as if someone sits on an uncovered drain.

Balanced Chemicals Are Important

The chemicals in your pool must be balanced by a contractor for safety reasons. For instance, there must be enough chlorine in the water to kill germs. The pH levels must also be balanced because when they are high, the basic pH of the water can lessen chlorine's germ-killing effects. A chemical called cyanuric acid is also used in swimming pools, as it can prevent low chlorine levels due to chlorine's being lost due to ultraviolet radiation exposure. A contractor can balance all of the chemicals in your pool during the cleaning process.

The Filtration System Should Be Cleaned

Keeping your swimming pool cleaned should involve more than debris being removed from the surface of the water. The bottom of the pool must also be kept clean, something that is usually done via the filtration system. It is in your best interest to get the filtration system inspected in case it is in need of being cleaned. The pipes to the filtration system must be clean in order for debris to flow to the filter basket.

What Professional Maintenance Costs

The price to get your swimming pool serviced will depend on the extent of work that is done. The number of times that you want the contractor to service your pool will also affect the price. For instance, getting a pool cleaned on a weekly basis is estimated to cost a minimum of $75 per month. You can also pay a contractor to service the pool only one time if desired. Speak to a contractor about your needs as soon as you are ready.

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