If you have recently had an elevator installed in your home, you may wonder how to fit it into your home's existing decorative scheme. You have many decorative choices for your new elevator for helping it to comfortably fit into your home's decorative design. Follow these tips for decorating your new residential elevator.

Antique Style Elevators Can Add A Unique Appeal

A home elevator with the look of one from ages past can be a real addition to any home that is filled with other antique furnishings and accessories. With an antique elevator style, you can feel like you are going back in time each time you walk into your house and get on the elevator to go upstairs. However, adding furnishings to your antique-style elevator can help to enhance its impact on an antiquated decorative scheme as well. For example, placing an old wrought-iron bench inside your elevator is a good way to add to its design. Hanging antique lighting sconces on either side your elevator entrance is a good idea as well for enhancing the feeling of being in the past.

Wooden Elevator Doors Can Look Great And Fit Right Into Your Home Design

Some home elevators have doors on them that resemble the other wooden doors in your home. Choosing this type of elevator can mean it will look no different than a hall closet with a nice door. However, when your elevator doors opens, you want to see a decorative flair that is inviting and comfortably functional. Placing a small padded chair in the corner of your elevator can add a touch of inviting comfort while also providing the function necessary for riding up the elevator without standing, a benefit that matters to people with issues like arthritis. Placing a small decorative table for adding small accessories like a book or battery-operated lamp can increase the feel of comfort inside your home elevator.

Contemporary Home Design And Elevators Work Great Together

If your home has a modern design, you might have had a contemporary-style elevator installed. A cylindrical design can enhance your modern home decor and lend the perfect place to add cool accessories for decorative enhancement. The contemporary elevator with glass encasement will allow you to see through it, so placing a small bench with pillows the same color as the predominant color in your design is the best way to fit your elevator into your design without it being a huge interruption. If you use colors that are not in your overall color scheme, it can cause an interruption in your design's flow and become the focus rather than blending in.

Elevators are fast becoming a stylish addition to homes, many of them adding to the decorative design in positive ways.  If you have recently has an elevator added to your home, taking the time to add it into your home's decor is a good idea.

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