Wood shakes can be a very attractive roofing material, but they also can be a fire hazard. In some areas they are even prohibited by local governments. This does not mean that your roof cannot have the look of shakes. There are many alternatives available, such as synthetics, metal, and treated wood shakes. If you want to have the look of wood shakes without the fire hazard that come with them, here are some options you may want to consider for a new roof on your home:

1. The Most Fire Resistance For Your Home With Metal Roofing Shakes

Metal roofing shingles can be a great choice to give your home a new look. These are stamped roofing materials, which can come in shake styles. If you want to have the look of shakes and protection from fire, metal shakes have the highest fire ratings of any materials available. This can be a good solution for homes in rural areas where summer wildfires are a concern and fire resistant building materials are essential for the exterior finish of homes.

2. Give Your Home The Look Of Shakes With Modern Synthetic Roofing Products

There are also choices of many different synthetic materials that can be used for the roof of your home to give it the look of shakes. These include products that are made from wood waste and recycled rubber and plastic. Another option is durable fiber cement products that have the look of shakes. Fiber cement products are more commonly used as a siding materials, though roofing products are also available.

3. Real Wood Shakes That Have A Treatment To Make Them Fire Resistant

Real wood shakes can still be a good option for the roof of your home, as long as they are treated with a fire retardant. These fire-resistant shingles can give your home the attractive look of real wood shingles with protection from fire. For a traditional look, feel free to leave them their natural shade. You can also stain the wood shakes for a more personalized, unique look.

These are some options for a shake look for your home without the fire hazard. If you are ready for a new shake roof, contact a roofing contractor and talk with them about some of these options to give your roof a natural look. Most roofing contractors will offer metal, synthetic, and treated roofing materials, so check it out here.