Limestone is a natural stone that can be used in many applications in your home. This sedentary rock was formed by pressure millions of years ago. Because it is composed of sediment, limestone often features shells and coral trapped in the rock – that's called coquina. Other types of limestone include chalk, travertine, and oolite. No matter the type, though, limestone typically offers a charming neutral white, tan, or gray background with subtle variegation, which is what makes it so attractive for home use.

Kitchen Island Countertop

When you think of natural stone in the home, you often think of its use in the kitchen. Homeowners commonly have natural stone installed for countertops. Coquina limestone has such a distinctive profile with its embedded fossils, it's especially suitable for a kitchen island. That's a surface that guests are most likely to see, so they can admire the natural beauty of the limestone.

Kitchen Backsplash

Along those same lines, the backsplash is another clearly visible area. You have a couple different options for using limestone in this space. You could have a slab similar to a countertop installed. However, another way is choosing tiles made of limestone. Cool gray limestone tiles make an elegant backsplash for any style of kitchen, from modern to country.

Bathroom Tile

Speaking of tiles, the bathroom is a usual room for tile work. While it's possible to create tiles out of any of the limestone types, travertine is a luxurious option. Travertine comes from sediments found in geo-thermal hot springs or geysers. The result is a warmer palette of variegated limestone. This high-end material once served as the tile work for Roman baths and is still a mainstay in spa bathrooms. If you have a luxurious walk-in shower, consider having it tiled in travertine, though it's also possible to use this material for flooring.

Garden Walkway

Left in its natural state rather than being polished, limestone features a roughened surface. As Home and Garden TV points out, this surface makes it non-slip – and thus ideal for exterior walkways. You could select pavers cut in regular squares and rectangles then have contractors lay them in standard patterns. They can even use mortar for a more formal effect. For a more rustic look, select pavers left in their natural shape. Contractors can lay these with spaces in between to simulate a natural garden path. Either way, Home and Garden TV suggests having the limestone sealed so it doesn't stain.

Choose a limestone that appeals to you and have it installed in your home for a beautiful effect. For more information, contact a company like Small's Sand Gravel Inc.