When you rent a few portable toilets for your outdoor event from a local rental company, you'll get toilets that have been meticulously cleaned on the inside and out, smell favorable as a result of air fresheners, and may have other amenities. Depending on the nature of your event, you may wish to further improve the look of the interior of each of the toilets; this is especially desirable if you've rented the toilets for an event such as a wedding, given that there will likely be decorations on just about everything throughout the venue. Here are some simple ways that you can improve the look and comfort of the portable toilets.

Fresh-Cut Flowers

A small arrangement of fresh-cut flowers can be an ideal way to spruce up the interior of your rented portable toilets. Many portable toilets have a small ledge next to the sink that can comfortably fit a small vase. If you've rented the toilets for a wedding, it's sensible to arrange a few blooms that match the colors that you've picked for the ceremony and reception; for other events, some simple flowers that are in season will add color and beauty to the inside of each portable toilet.

Hand Cream

While the guests at your event will use the provided sink to wash their hands, they may also wish to feel a little fresher as they leave their portable toilet. One way that you can provide this comfort is to place a small pump bottle of hand cream in each portable toilet. This helps your guests feel fresher as they leave the toilet, and lightly scented hand cream can also make them feel more comfortable. If the portable toilet has a bottle of hand sanitizer instead of an actual sink, the cream will be appreciated by those who have dry skin, as they'll want to moisturize their hands after using the sanitizer.


It's also ideal to add a small mirror to each of the portable toilets that you rent for your event. You can visit a dollar store and buy the right number of small, school locker-style mirrors, or you can find something slightly larger for a little more money at a general merchandise store. You can then mount a mirror to the inside wall of each portable toilet with a sticky adhesive that will not damage the plastic of the portable toilet. Your guests will appreciate being able to check their hair and makeup before leaving.

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