If you are in the process of updating your home's guest bathroom so you can sell your house this spring, then there are many simple improvements you can make to help increase the bathroom's appeal for buyers. Thankfully, you can easily renovate your bathroom without a lot of costs or a large time commitment. Your main goal is to make the bathroom look stylish, relaxing, and appealing to potential buyers.

Here are some tips to help you remodel your home's guest bathroom with an eye towards improving the sales price of your home:

Tip: Install a Wood Vanity with a Natural Stone Top and Undermount Sink 

To give your guest bathroom an elegant yet simple look, replace the old vanity with a new wood one and then top it with a single slab of natural stone with an undermount sink. For a designer look, find a nice wood chest of drawers and use that for the vanity itself. To save a significant amount of money on the stone slab, you can purchase a remnant. And, choose an undermount sink so it will be easier to keep clean and will look stylish.

Tip: Use a Powder Blue or Beige Color Pallet

As part of your bathroom remodeling project, you must repaint your bathroom. If the walls have any existing wallpaper, then you should always remove it. Buyers today do not appreciate wallpaper and see it as a chore that they will have to remove in the future.

Since people view their bathrooms as a calm place to relax, you should choose a paint color for your bathroom that promotes a feeling of relaxation. Some of the best colors for this are:

  • powder blue
  • sage green
  • beige

You should avoid using bright-colored paint or colors less likely to have wide appeal, such as pink or purple. Also, you should not install any wallpaper or a wallpaper border.

Tip: Install Bathtub Sliding Doors

Finally, it is safe to assume that no buyer dreams of buying a new house with a shower curtain installed over the bathtub. No matter how pretty or stylish the fabric, shower curtains always look dated and remind people of the last time they had to shower with one and it stuck to their body while they showered. To resolve this issue and give your bathroom a stylish look and a focal point, install a pair of glass bathtub doors. There are many styles of bathtub glass doors on the market today and they come in a wide variety of price points and looks. For more information, contact a company like South Jersey Glass & Door.