There are all kinds of materials that go into making your hotel the business that it is, and glass is definitely one of those materials. While local building and safety codes usually dictate what type of glass you can use in an establishment and where, many business owners have little idea as to why. Tempered glass is most often required in some areas, but do you know what tempered glass really is? This glass has been through a specific manufacturing process to make it more resilient to temperature fluctuations, make it stronger, and less likely to explode into shards upon impact. Check out the three important places to ensure you have tempered glass in your hotel. 

Around the Pool or Spa Area - The walls that surround your pool and spa area in the hotel are likely made of glass to allow visibility to the area. However, this glass is no regular glass if your property is built to code. So if any portion of these glass enclosures gets damaged and must be replaced, you will have to go for commercial tempered glass. These areas can have drastic changes in humidity levels and temperature, which is too hard on regular glass. 

In Guest Bathrooms - Tempered glass is almost always used in areas where there are high levels of moisture, so the bathroom is the logical place to only have tempered glass. Specifically, any glass doors or enclosures around the showers or tub should be tempered glass only so it can withstand the temperature fluctuations that can come along with the hot water. While most prefabricated shower enclosures are made from tempered glass, it is not uncommon for unwitting building owners to use regular glass for replacement if these glass fixtures break, which is a really bad idea. 

Glass Entry/Exit Doors - It is important that the entry and exit doors of your commercial hotel building contain only quality tempered glass. This ensures the glass is secure enough to ward off threats of someone trying to break in, but also prevents concerns with breakage because of the difference in temperatures between the indoors and out. Don't make the mistake of using anything other than tempered glass if a glass panel in one of these doors is ever damaged beyond repair. Doing so could put your business at risk and even make it more likely that someone could be injured by shattered glass.