If you've having a pool installed in your backyard, now is the time to also think about the fence that will surround it. A pool fence with one or more gates is a critical piece of safety gear, but can also augment the look of your backyard. Although there's nothing wrong with having a simple chain-link fence installed, many fence contractors offer a wide range of fence and gate styles that will suit the look of your backyard and provide your desired functionality. Before you order the fencing that you want, here are some valuable things to consider.

Privacy Around The Pool

It's useful to think of whether you want to be able to see through the fence into the pool area — and if you want others to have the same ability. A see-through fence, which can be made of a series of rungs or even glass panels, is handy because it allows you to monitor what is going on in the pool from outside the fence — for example, if you're barbecuing on a nearby patio or cutting the lawn. Some pool owners favor this setup, while others prefer a solid fence; this may be your preferred style if you have curious neighbors or you're a family that likes its privacy.

Access Points

You should also give consideration to how many gates you want installed through the fence, and where you want them put in. This can depend on the size and shape of the pool, as well as on the layout of your backyard. It makes sense to have a gate in alignment with the backdoor of your home, for example, but if you have a backyard shed on the opposite side of the pool that you use to store pool accessories, having a gate close to the shed will come in handy.

Extra Elements

Your fence company can offer you some extra elements around the fence that you may find appealing. It's better to think of these things in advance than try to deal with them later on. For example, if you favor nighttime swimming, look at the various lighting solutions that can be offered for your fencing type. The contractor may install lights at regular points around the fence, such as atop each of the posts, for example. If you want built-in storage solutions, talk to your contractor about any containers that can hang from the fence, and make sure that you select a fencing style that is conducive to how these containers are mounted.