Many retail shops opt to rely on glass doors to give customers and employees access to retail space. Glass doors allow customers to get a sneak peek at the products waiting to be purchased inside.

When a glass storefront door becomes damaged, it should be replaced by a technician experienced in working with commercial glass jobs. Proper installation will ensure the durability and performance of your glass storefront door well into the future.

1. Make sure your measurements are correct.

The first step in replacing a damaged glass storefront door is taking accurate measurements. This will allow you to order a new piece of commercial glass that will fit properly into your existing door frame.

Most retail shop owners know that measuring the length and width of the glass panel being replaced is important, but many shop owners forget to measure the thickness of the glass as well.

Each door frame is specially designed to hold commercial glass of a certain thickness. The thickness cannot be changed without fitting your door with a new frame. Ensure that you order a replacement glass door panel with the correct measurements to make installation a lot easier.

2. Opt for tempered glass.

Commercial glass panes vary significantly in the way they are created. Traditional glass can become a serious safety hazard if your storefront door sustains damage and breaks because sharp glass shards will be created during the break.

Tempered glass is a better option for commercial settings because this type of glass breaks into small, blunt pieces when sustaining damage. The glass is put through a special heating process to help reinforce the structural stability of the panels. Tempered glass will help to reduce your liability should a broken storefront door occur.

3. Make sure holes are pre-drilled into the glass.

Tempered glass is more durable than other types of glass, but a tempered glass panel is still vulnerable to damage when holes for hinges and support screws are being drilled. Special tools that help to keep friction, vibration, and heat to a minimum should be used to drill holes in tempered glass panels.

You want your technician to pre-drill holes before bringing your new door panel to your retail location. This will help avoid any broken glass in your store and ensure that the installation process goes quickly and smoothly.

Replacing the glass storefront door for your retail shop can be a simple way to improve the aesthetic and safety of your store.