The springs on your garage door are a necessity. When they become damaged or over-stretched, the door will no longer operate as it should. Here, you'll find a few tips to help protect the condition of your garage door and its working components.

Hire a Professional for Repairs

Yes, if you go online, you'll find tutorials about how to fix just about anything you can think of – but, just because you can see how it's done, doesn't mean that it's in your best interest to take on the repairs yourself. You see, the springs on the garage door have a substantial amount of tension in them – one wrong move and the spring can fly loose and hurt you, damage your car or cause serious injury to those that are helping you.

When repairs are made incorrectly, it puts the entire garage door at risk of damage. Not only can the springs snap, but the safety features may no longer operate properly if you don't put things back together the way they are meant to be. If the safety features, like the stop close sensor at the base of the garage opening, don't work, the door will crush anything or anyone that is underneath it when it closes – there will be no safety system in place to stop the door from closing when there's an obstacle in the way. Seek professional help for your garage door spring repair.

Keep up with Cleanings                                                                                

The one thing that you can do to ensure that your garage door and all of the components remain in good working condition is to keep up with regular cleanings. Keeping all of the cobwebs and dust off of the components will help the door to operate more smoothly – it will also help to decrease the chances of corrosion forming on the metal works.

To clean the garage door and opener, you'll need nothing more than a broom and possibly a step stool. You'll just use the broom to gently dust the door itself, the rollers, tracks and springs. Once clean, give the safety sensor a test to ensure that you didn't bump any wires loose while cleaning.

If you notice that the lubricated parts aren't that well-lubricated, you can apply a thin coat of lubricant after you've finished cleaning.

Talk with your local garage door repair technician. He or she will help you make the necessary repairs and keep your garage door in safe working condition now and for years to come.