If you're a small retailer looking to renovate your spaces in some way, money is not the only thing you have to think about. Certainly, you must have the budget to follow through with your renovation plans, but thinking about other issues will ensure that your company renovations are seamless and result in the changes you hoped for.


Your commercial renovation plans must comply with local law. That means that you can only renovate according to what your city or town has dictated in its zoning ordinance. Reading about your commercial zone is the single best way to know you aren't running afoul of those guidelines. Your commercial contractor can help you with this. If they realize that your renovation ideas are non-compliant, they can recommend you apply for a one-time variance and help you complete that application.


If you're planning on renovating, you should always be thinking about what you can do to modernize the space. Modernization can come in the form of cosmetic changes, but it might also mean updating equipment and appliances. For example, you might wish to update the store's HVAC system to a ductless one so that future renovations and expansions will only require mini-units and tubing instead of installing more heating and cooling ducts in your walls.

To be sure that you're aware of modern trends, ask your contractor. Their constant immersion in the industry should give you insight into what others are asking for.

Customer Experience

While the picture in your mind of the renovated space may be vivid, you should also be ensuring that it will enhance customer experience. Your desire to renovate should be coupled with the desire to make the shopping experience better for your customers. Survey your customers, either online or through in-store questionnaires, about what they'd prefer and how they feel about upcoming changes. To inspire them to give their thoughts on any renovations, you might offer a small store discount for a limited time.

Employee Ideas

The people who staff the store every day are some of the people who know the space best. They work with your customers and do all of the behind the scenes work in the storeroom and in the office. Therefore, they are invaluable when it comes to planning renovation work. Their assistance is crucial. While your decisions are the ones to be relayed to the contractor, employee input can ensure your plans are solid.

Your store renovations can make your space look new and welcoming. Be sure to get as much guidance from your commercial remodeling services as you can and consider these details to ensure the new retail space is a success.