If you recently experienced a large fire in your kitchen, your entire home may smell like smoke. You may try a number of things to eliminate the odor, including airing out your home and deodorizing everything with baking soda and vinegar. But if these ideas fail, you'll need to consider more practical methods to free your home of smoke. Here are some simple and effective tips you can use to make your home smoke free today.

Use More Effective Ventilation Methods   

If the fire in your kitchen was small and confined to the stove or oven, you may be able to clear out the odor with circulating or box fans. Opening your windows may also help eliminate the acrid and harmful odor smoke produces. However, fires that produce a substantial amount of smoke may travel beyond its point of origin. Smoke can end up in your bedrooms, bathroom, and even inside your attached garage. 

Instead of using box fans and other traditional units to clear away the odor, install ventilation fans throughout your house. Ventilation fans come with unique and especially made features that allow them to circulate the air around them, including blowers mechanisms. You can find your fans at your local hardware store or large retailer. Once you find the fans you need, follow the products' instruction guides and/or manuals to install them in your home. 

If ventilation fans don't make your home smell clean enough for you, call a repair and restoration company soon. 

Leave the Problem to the Professionals 

If the fire severely damaged your oven, range, walls, or any other item in your kitchen, you may have more problems to deal with than just smoke. The burnt items may release additional odors into the air that make the smoke scent in your home worse. In this case, you'll need to take evasive action to control the situation at hand. 

A repair and restoration company can inspect your kitchen to see if the fire affected anything else inside it. There could be possible fire and smoke damage behind your cabinetry and other places you can't see. If a fire damage restoration company does suspect or find additional damage in your kitchen, they'll help you address it immediately.

The solutions may include removing your fire damaged appliances, cleaning your cabinets, and scrubbing down your walls. A company may need to use stronger and more professional equipment and cleaning solutions to clear out your home. 

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