When you own a boiler, it is important to be aware of the common issues that can occur that will cause you to need to repair your boiler. Being aware of what could go wrong with your broiler will make you more aware and alert to potential issues with your boiler.

Reason #1: Pilot Light Issues

Most boilers are set up to run on either natural gas or propane, which means your boiler will have a pilot light. Pilot lights are a little more complicated than they used to be. You used to have to light the pilot light and leave the light on at all time. Nowadays, many boilers use electronic ignition so that the light is only on when you need to use it.

This newer system of lighting the pilot light can result in additional issues with lighting your pilot light. The automatic electronic ignition may not engage as it should. This requires a professional to work on the pilot light and ignition system.

Reason #2: Leaking Water

Another common reason for boiler repairs is leaking water. Your boiler is designed to hold, heat up, and move water around. It is not designed to leak water. Boilers generally leak for one of two reasons.

Either your boiler has corrosion issues, which means you need to replace your entire boiler as corrosion issues generally can't be fixed, or your boiler may be leaking water because of an issue with your pump or pressure relief valve, which is something that can be fixed.

Reason #3: Kettling

Kettling is a process where your boiler starts to make some loud sounds. Your boiler will start to sound like it is rumbling inside or like someone is banging on your boiler from the inside. This issue is generally caused by mineral deposits that build up inside of your boiler due to hard water.

These mineral deposits can damage the pressure setting on your tank, which can cause serious damage to your boiler and your home. If your boiler is making strange loud sounds, known as kettling, turn your boiler off and don't use it again until you get a professional to examine and fix your boiler.

If your boiler is acting up, it is important to get it fixed right away. Call up your boiler repair service and get them to come out as soon as possible to fix your boiler. You don't want to operate your boiler when it is not running properly; that can cause further damage to your boiler.

To learn more, contact a boiler repair company.