You may not be thinking about problems with your water pump during the winter months, but you might have to deal with these issues. Often, the issues with water pumps are minor problems during winter, but they can also be serious. Therefore, you are going to want to know how to deal with these problems and have them repaired. The following winter water pump problems are some of the issues that you may need to have repaired. 

Bad pressure tanks that cause plumbing issues

During the winter months, cold air can affect the pressure tank of your pump equipment. These are special tanks that are designed to provide your home with water pressure and prevent problems with the pump constantly running. Some of the issues that you may notice when there is a problem with the pressure tank include:

  • Bad flapper valves
  • Leaks caused by ice
  • Ice buildup causing failures

When you have a problem with the pressure tank, these are some of the things that you may notice. If there is ice inside or around the tank, use a hairdryer, torch, or heat gun to melt it.

Problems with the water pump control systems

The pump also has a pressure control switch and other equipment that controls the system. Sometimes, there may be problems with these controls and other mechanical installations like the plumbing. The following issues with the pump controls may need to be repaired when you have problems this winter:

  • Failing pressure control circuit
  • Issues with pipes freezing
  • Problems with wiring being damaged

These are some of the problems with pump controls that you may need to have repaired when you have problems this winter.

Water pump failures caused by the cold winter air

The cold winter air can also cause problems with the pump. This is more common with jet pump systems that are installed above ground and less likely with a submersible pump. Some of the issues that you may have with your pump not working when it is freezing include:

  • Ice causing the pump to fail
  • Issues with ice blocking pipes
  • Wear caused by ice and winter weather

These are some of the problems that you may have with your water pump when the temperatures are below freezing.

Issues with filtration systems that cause water pump failures

There are also issues with filtration systems that are part of well equipment and can cause failures. These systems remove minerals and contamination from the water and need regular maintenance. The following problems with the filtration system can cause the pump to not work:

  • Saturated filtration medium
  • Electrical wiring damage
  • Ice building up and causing damage

When cold air causes your well pump to fail, you are going to want to have these issues repaired quickly. Call a water pump equipment repair service like Coast Water Well Service Inc for help dealing with these problems when it is cold out.